The Celanova Agro orchard is located in a fertile plain next to the international road Vrsac - Bela Crkva, just below the slopes of PRIDE BANAT - Vrsac Hill. It spreads over a net area of 92 ha, beautifully landscaped land with complete infrastructure, in the heart of which is one of the most beautiful and modern refrigerators for storing, packing and shipping our healthy and delicious apples to the world, which is only about 1 km, where there is space for storage of packaging as well as a machine park with a hangar for accommodation of machinery, equipment and warehouse space

The complete plantation is under the anti-hail net, fenced and secured, it is from one to five years old and the most modern and most sought-after apple varieties and clones are planted

  • Granny Smith - 17 ha
  • Golden delises - REINDERS - 21 ha
  • Red delises - ROAT KING and RED CAP - 17 ha
  • Gala - SNIKO, SNIKO RED and KING - 33 ha
  • Fuji - FUBRAAKS - 4 ha

Our production is based on the most modern technology, which is precisely and timely applied by our young team of experts, who are constantly improving their knowledge by looking ahead. Although we are new and young in this field, it is safe to say that we have already stood shoulder to shoulder with the biggest and best in Europe and in the world. And our apple will soon be recognizable around the world.