Vision - Our vision is to provide healthy and delicious fresh fruit.

Mission - Supplying customers with fresh fruit in a technologically advanced, healthy and environmentally sustainable way.

Celanova agro comapany

Celanova agro was founded in 2011 and entered the world of fruit growing in 2017 with the goal of becoming the leading regional supplier of high quality apples.

Basics of our business model:

  1. Modern production technology
  2. A professional and dedicated team of people
  3. We use all our knowledge with the leading apple producers in Europe

Knowledge and technology

Learning from best practices our technology in apple production is largely based on knowledge from the most prominent region for apple growing in Europe - South Tyrol

Knowledge transfer

We visit the most modern orchards in the country and abroad several times a year in order to exchange our results and experiences.

Applying cutting edge technology

We strive to always keep up with new trends by applying the latest knowledge and technologies and continuous improvement. All key equipment and materials we use come from top suppliers:

  • Irrigation system - Netafim, Israel
  • Sorting and packaging line - Maf Roda, France
  • ULO and DCA storage - Isolcell, Italy

Risk reduction

UIn order to enable stable gender, both in terms of quality and quantity, we invest significant resources in equipment and training as one of the basic prerequisites for building a sustainable business, which includes:

  • Irrigation and fertilization system
    We installed a drip irrigation system with a centralized management system
  • System against the city
    Overhead anti-hail nets cover the entire planted area
  • Meteorological station
    Complete update of land and land conditions in real time

Product safety

We have implemented GLOBAL GAP and HACCP standards to confirm our commitment to continuous quality improvement and good manufacturing practice. This is also the reason why we have decided to adopt and adhere to high standards of both quality and environmental protection.

Location and history

Our apple is produced in the north-eastern part of Serbia, on the border with Romania. We located our production near Vršac.


This region is characterized by a favorable climate with a large number of sunny days and moderate rainfall.


The 4000t refrigerator was built and put into operation in 2020. Already in 2021, the expansion was performed and the total storage capacities are 9155t in ULO conditions.

Within the refrigerator there is a shelving chamber for receiving 180t of finished goods, and an expedition space with cooling.

We have a MAF RODA line for sorting and packing apples with a maximum capacity of 10t / h. Within the space for storage of packaging, there is a TE CO machine for forming cardboard boxes.